Monday 24 June, 2024

Graveyard Shift

Created and developed by Nitrome

The music soundtrack to this game was composed by myself, Lee Nicklen, back in January 2009. This game was later released by the developer and creator Nitrome.

Graveyard Shift is a rather nice first person shooter. Not much to be said on this one, other than get your trigger happy fingers ready, folks, and start wasting some zombies before they waste you!


As usual, the brief was to compose two fitting music tracks for Graveyard Shift. John Carpenter, eat your heart out! Check out the nag-free bonus tracks that didn't make the game!


You can download the soundtracks below or listen to them in the player above. Nag-free versions are available from the shops: iTunes, amazonMP3 and Napster via the Nitrome Online Shop.


A review of this game can be found on Jay is Games website.

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