Friday 12 July, 2024

Hot Air 2

Developed and created by Nitrome

The music for the online game Hot Air 2 was composed by Lee Nicklen in February 2007. The game was released shortly after by game developer Nitrome.

Hot Air 2 is a well-received sequel to the original hightly popular Hotair game from Nitrome.


Four songs were initially commissioned for the original Hotair game, though not all of the songs were implemented into the final release because the end file size was needed to be kept to a minimum. The main two theme songs used in Hot Air 2 have been made available for public download by Nitrome on iTunes, amazonMP3 and napster via the Nitrome Online Shop.


Extra music tracks which were not used in this and previous games are now available as free downloads! You can browse through the songs in the player above, and if you want them for keeps then you can download them below... Enjoy!


A walkthrough and review of this game can be found on Jay is Games website.

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