Friday 12 July, 2024

Yin Yang

Created and developed by Nitrome

The music soundtrack to this game was composed by myself, Lee Nicklen, back in September 2007. This game was later released by the developer and creator Nitrome.

Yin Yang finds you in a mirrored environment of Yin and Yang. With this nice little game you must think in both positive and negative in order to get through each puzzle of each level. This was an interesting project to compose music for as the brief was layed out in front of my eyes. The brains at Nitome required this game's soundtrack to have purpose - and a clever purpose at that. The music had to be composed in such a pattern of symmetry that it would make sense in both forward and reverse direction when played back. That saying; the same piece of in-game recorded music would need to be played in both forward and reverse - and still sound like a decent piece of music.


Listen to the music here for free, and check out the reversable tracks for yourself!

You can download the soundtracks below or listen to them in the player above. Check out the extra bonus track that didn't quite make the game. Nag free versions are available from the shops: iTunes, amazonMP3 and Napster via the Nitrome Online Shop.


An extensive review of this game can be found on Jay is Games website.

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